Safety Precautions due to Covid 19


Hi everyone, its a great big welcome back to Aura and dancing, with a few changes that includes additional safety measures to make your return fun and worry free.

When you arrive at the Studios (if you did not return during the November/December short re-opening period) you will immediately notice that we have been busy over the past few months changing everything and providing a much safer environment for you and the staff (even more improvements have been made during this lockdown too, so look out for those). We have created a better entry and exit policy to give greater social distancing, which our teachers will be able to help you with until it becomes the norm.

Private Lessons will be commencing from Monday 12th April, Classes will be commencing from Monday 17th May (with Government and Environmental Health permission) to enable time to contact us and pre book. Social dances should return on June 21st (again with Government and     Environmental Health permission). 

We would ask all people attending the studios to make note of the following…

  • If you or a member of your family have any symptoms whatsoever of Covid 19 please DO NOT attend any of the Classes or Private Lessons. If you have been contacted by Track and Trace please advise and give details to a member of staff.
  • Where possible please avoid the use of Public Transport or Taxis when making your journey to the studios.
  • Our new entry and exit policy. For Private Lessons or Classes in the Main Ballroom, please use either car park, but you must enter through the new reception area only and exit through the fire doors at the bottom of the ballroom.
  • Lessons in Studio 1 will enter and exit via the front door, Studio 2 will enter and exit through the main reception, 
  • All Adult Classes will be of one hour as before but with a fifteen minute break between Classes to allow time for cleaning to take place.
  • All Children’s Classes… will be 40 minutes with a five minute break between classes to allow time for cleaning.
  • For the Children’s Classes can we please request that there is only one accompanying adult per child if you wish to stay in the building, although we would prefer adults to wait in their cars to   reduce the number of people in the Ballroom. Any adult choosing to stay in the building MUST wear a mask at all times.
  • Please DO NOT enter the building more than five minutes before your Private Lesson or Class times. Stay in your cars in the car parks or use the outside tables if preferred, until you can see that the previous lesson/class has completely exited. You must enter the building wearing a mask and thereafter always wear a mask in the communal areas of the Studios.
  • We ask all people to come dressed ready for Private Lessons and Classes where possible and only need to change shoes in the studio they will be using. 
  • The changing rooms/toilets are not to be used unless absolutely necessary and if you do please use the hand sanitiser in position outside the doors before you enter and ensure you thoroughly was your hands before exiting.
  • Please keep all your clothes/belongings with you. IF you need to change after your Private     Lesson/Class, it is imperative that you do not put clothes on the seats or floor in the changing rooms but put them immediately into your bag or one of the plastic bags provided.
  • All Private Lessons and Classes must be pre booked and Classes pre paid on the new online booking system that you will find on the web site to enable us to keep suitable class sizes.       Alternative classes may be introduced depending on demand.
  • Please ensure that you only dance with someone from your same household or someone in your social bubble.
  • Our teachers will all be predominantly on a NO TOUCH policy although we can with your        permission dance with you to help in the lessons… but this must be kept to an absolute minimum and masks should be worn by teachers and pupils if this takes place. Teachers will be wearing mask and/or visors to protect them and you,.
  • The bar will be open with strict hygiene measures in place. You must ask your teacher if you wish to purchase any drinks etc, and these must be taken outside to drink.

I am sure you can see that every precaution is being made to protect you and the staff whilst     enjoying your dancing once more. We want it to be enjoyable and fun and ask that you remain aware of everything at all times… it will soon become the normality until such time as true normality resumes.

We the teachers are all now very exited and look forward to seeing you all again here at Aura.

New Beginners Classes are anticipated as starting in June. Full details will be on the web site as soon as we have permission and finalised the details.