AURA Kids and Teens Classes

Our Kids and Teens dance classes are for the very young (rising 3) up to 15yrs inclusive. They comprise of a mixture of styles, including Latin American (Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive), Ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz), Salsa, Rock ‘n Roll, Freestyle, ‘In Fashion’ dances, Party Dances and more.

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Which class is right for me?

AGES 3-5 – Rosettes
AGES 6-8 – Star Dance
Up to 15yrs – One Dance
Bronze, Silver & Gold classes will depend on previous experience and medals obtained.

We provide everyone with a simple, pleasurable pastime or if they get hooked, we also take dancers into Competitive Dancing on a Local, National or International arena.  Dancers will be encouraged to take medals with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and lots, lots more!

These Kids and Teens dance classes are Saturday Mornings and you pay each week you came along. We do NOT run a course in advance like the majority of Dance Schools and this gives you the freedom to start when you like. With young teachers, a lively atmosphere, and the latest music, dancers will learn in a great environment amongst others of a similar age and standard.

Higher Grades and Competitive Couples are encouraged to take Private Lessons accelerating improvement.

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At AURA, we believe dance should be accessible and affordable for everyone, which is why our kids and teens classes cost only £5.00 each time they come along.

Price Label £5


Sunday 24th March

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9.30 - 10.10am - Rosettes
10.15 - 10.55am - Stardance & One Dance
11.00 - 11.40pm - Bronze, Silver, Gold & Above
11.45 - 12.25pm - Competitors Class

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Physical Health Benefits of Dance

There are some fantastic benefits to be gained from dancing that are seen in all age groups. These include an improved condition of heart and lungs, improved blood pressure, increased muscular strength, endurance and aerobic fitness! Not only that, you will notice better coordination, agility and flexibility.

Dancing also improves your overall balance and spatial awareness meaning you're running out of excuses not to start!

    Non-physical Health Benefits of Dance

    As well as the physical benefits you gain from starting to dance, you will also notice an increase in your overall physical confidence along with improved general and psychological wellbeing.

    AURA Dancers regularly find they leave with greater self-confidence, self-esteem and high levels of self-motivation.

    To top this off, dancing can help to improved you mental dexterity and increase your social skills. 

    It's definitely time to start dancing!


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