Wedding Dance Lessons at AURA

Learn a First Dance for your big day!

At AURA, we know that this day will have been planned for a long time, with huge amounts of care and thought going into the preparation. This means it’s now time to prepare yourself for your wedding dance. Even if it’s just by learning how to shuffle round the floor with a little more confidence!

The memories and photos of your big day last forever. We can help you to know what you’re doing when you step on the floor, so when you look back on your special day, you like what you see!

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What to Expect

We love to help add an extra bit of glamour to any couples big day. Our staff can choreograph a routine to any piece of music that is special to the two of you.

This routine can range from extremely simple for the partner who has been dragged along by their other half, to the more advanced for the suppressed Fred and Ginger’s amongst you. It will be kept just right so it’s a fun part of the big day, and not an un-needed stress in the build-up.

The dance can include a Waltz, a Swing, a Foxtrot, a Tango, a Jive, or something else you may have seen! Our fun, welcoming and qualified teachers choreograph whatever you have in mind. The choices are yours! We guide you all the way ensuring you walk out our doors with a routine you love.

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

My partner and I have never danced before, and are lacking in confidence. Is a wedding dance right for us?

Of Course! Our teachers are fully IDTA qualified, and have vast experience teaching anyone from beginners to competitors. Each routine is choreographed especially for you, and is tailored to suit your comforts.

How long do we need to start having lessons before our wedding?

We recommend around 2 months for you to get a good routine together. Of course, if you feel comfortable having more practice, we will help you. At the same time, if you have a week before the big day, don’t worry! We have couples complete a full dance in a day!

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How much does a lesson cost and when do we pay?

Wedding dance lessons start at just £40 for 45min.

We ask for you to pay the teacher after the lesson. There are no upfront fees. If you don’t enjoy the lesson, or are not comfortable, you have no strings preventing you from stopping.

A vey simple wedding dance could be completed in one session. The more ambitious you are, the more lessons it may take!

What should we wear?

As long as you’re comfortable, we’re happy. We advise against trainers, as they stick on the floor.

Clothes than allow free and easy movement are recommended. It can also be a good idea to have at least one practice in shoes similar to those you will wear on the big day, but that would generally be saved until one of the final lessons.

Seen something you like?

Seen something in a film, on strictly come dancing or even at another wedding that you just HAVE to do? Be it a lift, a dip, a jump, a throw, or just some fancy footwork, we’ll get you doing it!

We’ve had a couple do the famous Dirty Dancing lift.

Wedding Dance Lessons