New Beginners

A BRAND NEW New Beginners Class started on Friday 24th, January commencing at 7.45pm, plus New Argentine Tango Beginners starting also on Friday 24th at 9.00pm.
The Beginners Class is for Absolute Beginners who have never danced before have three left legs and not sure which one is the left one. If you missed the beginning but still would like to learn, why not contact us and we will see what we can do for you. There are always a number of teachers at the class that can help if you have problems… and if you cannot make a class for any reason, holidays, illness, work, etc, we can offer a 30 minute personal tuition lesson with one of our fully experienced staff at a time to suit you for the same price as the class, to easily catch up… no need ever to miss a thing *** A great fun class where you pay for each class as you come along, just £6 per person per week, or if you prefer to pay in advance for a group of 10 lessons you get 10 for the price of nine. Pay when you come along or via Paypal at our shop. *** Dancewarehouse is the place to learn, great atmosphere, great teachers, licensed bar and friendly staff. ***

The styles we offer

Just like on strictly. Get involved in the glamour of ballroom dancing now. Surprisingly easy to pick up, but some of the famous found it difficult to master. Find out what gets all your favourite celebrities hooked.
Again, just like on strictly. Throw yourself head-first into our Latin American classes and you wont regret it.
Let the infectious rhythm take control of your body. Starting very simple, and ending verging on the impossible, Salsa can be the most rhythmical of all the dance styles. If technique is not your thing, and you want to get your body moving Salsa is for you.
A very popular choice for wedding dances, this style is more relaxed than other Latin American dances, but still includes the freedom that Latin has to offer over Ballroom. We incorporate swing into our Ballroom & Latin classes as it is so popular.
Our newest ‘dance’ style is more a form of exercise than anything. Touted as ‘exercise in disguise’ the simple choreography adapted to be high-energy is a great way of keeping fit. Our classes are very popular so please call in advance to book a place.
Not as well known as Ballroom & Latin, modern sequence can give ballroom couples more freedom, as they are allowed to separate during the routines. Prepare to spend hours perfecting that footwork as technique and patience are a must!
The Argentine Tango is the most famous style of Tango that originated in the streets of Buenos Aires, characterized by its passionate hold and complex leg and foot movements, it takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Get up close and personal with your partner in the most passionate of all ballroom dances.
There are no bookings in advance, learn the Cha Cha and Waltz and loads more just like you’ve seen on Strictly! If you know even just a little, just come along on Tuesday’s and get going again… it’s like riding a bike, you never really forget just need reminding. We have five fully qualified members of staff on hand to help everyone enjoy themselves. *** And for those who have danced before we have eight levels of class from Absolute Beginners to VERY Advanced dancers and then if you want to go that step further we train some of our top dancers in this country. Ballroom, Latin American, Salsa or Swing we cover them all. A great Night out, lots of FUN, Fully Qualified Professional Tuition in a Full Time Professional Studio, specially equipped, with a Fully Licensed Bar, Great Music… and the friendliest staff in the country. No need to book, just come along with all of your friends, and at just £6 each time you come along it’s well worth the money. We ask for no course fees up front, no special shoes, meaning you have nothing tying you down. Just come whenever you want and enjoy what millions of people do each week. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us right away.


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August 21, 2013